The St. Mary Levee District (SMLD) was created by Act No. 259 of the 2007 Louisiana Legislature. It was created in response to a request of federal officials to have one primary voice for river and surge flood control works in the parish. The St. Mary Levee District fights the dual threats of river and hurricane storm surge events.  Although the MR&T system was put into place for riverine flood events, they serve a dual purpose.  The same levees that protect us from river floods also protect us from hurricane storm surges.  Most of our recent work and expansion of the system is the continued effort to better protect the district from storm surge.  We have, through time and experience, realized gaps in the system that allow water into places that affect people and property.  These gaps and weaknesses are being closed off with flood structures and higher levees.  The St. Mary Levee District will continue to strengthen the system to make sure that the district is prepared for whatever may come.


“All of the lands in the parish of St. Mary shall be embraced in the limits of a levee
district to be known as the St. Mary Levee District…the management and control
of the district shall be vested in the board of commissioners…[and] the board shall
have the authority to establish, construct, operate, or maintain flood control works
as they relate to hurricane protection, tidewater flooding, saltwater intrusion, and