Bayou Teche Weather

Bayou Teche Flood Control Structure

This project consists of a flood control structure in Bayou Teche east of it’s intersection with the Charenton Canal.  It will consist of a levee section from the northward high ground across the old Bayou Teche through Victory Island and across to the east side of the Bayou Teche.  The project design is completed, bid and awarded.  The project began in January 2020 and expected completion date is the end of October 2020.  This project is being funded partially by a grant from the Louisiana Department of Transportation “Louisiana State Wide Flood Control Program”.  You can view a fly over of the site in the video below.  The project is complete and fully functional.

Pictures of current project status.  Updated: 8.13.2020

Bayou Teche Project 3.08.2021

Bayou Teche Project 12.14.2020

Bayou Teche Project 11.24.2020

Bayou Teche Barge 10.20.2020