The district works daily to monitor and maintain the 120+ miles of levees and flood walls as well as numerous flood control structures.


Monitor for problems

Vegetation management

Levee Repairs

Patrol for damage and trespassers

Flood walls

Monitor for problems

Repairs of gates, seals and mechanical parts of gates

Flood control structures

Operation and maintenance

Monthly checks on all systems

Monitoring for obstructions and issues


Throughout the year the system is inspected to be sure it is ready at any time for any threat

Staff members are trained inspectors

There are different types of inspections throughout the year.

  • Quarterly inspections (Conducted by District staff, reported to USACE and CPRA)
  • Annual inspections (conducted by The District, Local Municipalities, Parish, USACE and CPRA)
  • Periodic inspections -Every 5 years-(conducted by District staff, USACE, and CPRA)
  • Pre and Post flood event
  • Daily (during flood fight events that the Atchafalaya River is above 5’)
  • As needed

Emergency Preparedness

The District is always on alert for any possible threat to the system.  This is an on going and constantly changing part of what the district does

  • Emergency plans for any event. This is constantly and rapidly changes depending on time of year and seasons.  Rain events, south winds, snow melt, tropical systems etc.
  • Testing of flood control structures
  • Monitoring conditions from river stages to tropical formations
  • Advise local officials
  • Direct flood fighting activities throughout the district.  From temporary levees, sand bags, Hesco baskets, Bayou Chene closure etc.